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After working for a local mortgage company in the South Florida area, I made the daring decision to venture out on my own.  I launched my mortgage processing company at the young age of 27 in my living room with just two clients. After acquiring various training and business growth skills from marketing seminars, my business exponentially went from two clients to me have my very own office with 6 employees. As a result, my mortgage processing company became the only processing company serving one of the largest mortgage companies in the South Florida area. I went from having two clients initially to having over 30 different mortgage companies from Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and Texas in a period of 4 years.

After the 2008 recession and subsequent housing market crash, my mortgage company suffered tremendous losses. One out of every 10 homes in the South Florida region suffered from foreclosure and my business profits undoubtedly became business losses. This business was my only source of income, and as a single parent, I was forced to make some serious financial decisions. I didn’t have a Plan B. Nevertheless, I had to pick myself up, regrouped and start over again. I examined and reevaluated all the mistakes that were made. I used the lesson as a template for mistakes to eschew from future financial endeavors.

When reviewing the mistakes that were made, I restructured my business map and sought the need to incorporate a strong strategic strategy.  After careful analysis and review, I launched a virtual assistant company which specialized in loan modifications and administrative work. I hired a staff of people with various business credentials creating a “one-stop shop”. I was eager to share my experiences, and in 2009, I penned my first eBook entitled How My Business Made $500 A Day On A $100 Investment. My virtual assistant company, specialized in affordable online administration and social media solutions. Our mission was to become the most versatile business support service on the web. Concomitantly, I also launched an event planning & management company in 2013. We specialized in wedding’s, corporate events, film festivals and much more.

In March 2013 I also decided to follow my passion of writing and I create a magazine called Bourgeoisie Magazine that would offer a cultural reference to tourist who visited South Florida. Being a Philadelphia native I wanted to create diverse, informative, creative and complete overview of community activities, business, culture and events. Since then I have devolved a team that surpassed all of my expectations for this publication.

Over the last 10 years I have been blessed to work with some amazing people. I have had various clients from celebrities, motivational speakers, thought leaders, local civic leaders and much more.

I can’t say I have done it all on my own. I have had an amazingly supportive team by my side all the way. I have never spent tons of money doing any marketing, I have gained 80% of my business using social media. I decided in 2014 I wanted to master my technique in using social media and coaching other business owners. I have taken classes, certifications, read tons of books, and worked collaboratively with a business coach and created Yellow Brick Road & Co.  I tell business owners all the time you have to invest in your business to be successful.

My motto is “Every company has a Social Media Brand. Once discovered, and nurtured, the possibilities for more profitable relationships are endless.”

I have been humbled by own mistakes and used the experiences as life lessons.  I am also the proud mother of two teenagers who are also both aspiring entrepreneurs. I know firsthand how hard it can be to juggle parenting and the business world. I decided I wanted to share my experiences with other entrepreneurs. I want to use my expertise, vision and business acumen to guide entrepreneurs through the ups and downs so they can find success….

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