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Project Description

Born in 1988, in Vero Beach, Fl, Vannessa Snell (NessaSary) was introduced to music at a young age by her parents. Her parents performed in a small band in their hometown. Vannessa grew up with her two siblings, an older brother Ricky and a younger sister Courtney. Growing up, they were all influenced and had a high interest in almost every aspect of music.

While in elementary school, NessaSary’s strong writing skills lead to her placement in gifted courses. At the age of eleven, she began to write down rhymes and poems in a notebook in her leisure time. The day that her older brother, Ricky, asked her to rap a song that he wrote called “The Odd Couple”, is the day became intrigued by the microphone.

By the time NessaSary was a junior in High School, she realized that rap was her destiny. She set a goal to be a rap superstar by the age of 18 but her mother had other plans. While in high school, she became detached from her school work and her grades started to slip but she continued to further her education. Nonetheless, she graduated high school in 2006 with plans to attend college. Her mother was extremely happy, while NessaSary felt her dreams of becoming a rap superstar by the age of 18 were shattered. She became somewhat disinterested in music and continued to pursue higher education.

As NessaSary continued to further her education her interest in college slowed down as her priorities had to change. She became the mother of two children, Jakobe and Summer. NessaSary said “Once they were here I was focused on a full time job and money to support my family. I thought it would be selfish of me to make my children suffer because I want to pursue a career in music when I just wanted to make them 100% comfortable and happy”.

Her love for music was reignited when she caught up with an old high school friend, Priscilla Renea. Renea is signed to Capitol Records and has written songs for music’s elite superstars including Rihanna, Chris Brown, Mary J. Blige and Madonna. NessaSary says “I was very proud of her, but at the same time a little upset with myself. We were very artistic, talented, and self-driven, but along the way I lost sight of that dream we once both shared. She is prospering from her hard work in the industry, and I am at home wondering what could’ve been.”
With the help of her close friends and family she began to pursue her dreams of rap superstardom again. NessaSary began to release videos on YouTube called Rapisodes, which showcased her rapping skills over the hottest songs out. With each rapisode being released she began to build a strong fan base. Her YouTube page now has over 9000 subscribers with over 1 Million views on her videos.

In January 2013, NessaSary packed up her life in Florida to pursue her dreams of becoming a rap superstar in California. Upon her arrival in California she teamed up with music producer, Ervin Pope, who has worked with artists such as Brandy, Kanye West, Jay Z, Janet Jackson etc, for production on her latest project “Fried Day”. “Fried Day” will be released on October 11, 2013. As her star continues to rise, NessaSary is continuing to make her presence known in the music industry by doing it her way.